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Smart automotive systems


We Are


We’re very familiar and fully engaged with all our clients’ unique requirements.

We Are


Our impressively agile approach underpins the development of our market-leading products.

We Are


Our team boasts more than 80 years of specialist expertise in our field.

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x4 Automotive provides a professional service to niche car makers and major OEMs in search of bespoke systems for electronic and software-driven vehicle modules.

Our smart automotive solutions provide a rich, integrated environment for the development and management of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and embedded software designs.

From the initial consultancy stage through to the design, manufacturing, testing, and integration of each product, we can take any project from conception right through to final successful completion. We also benefit from decades of combined knowledge; our team boasts outstanding credentials and a proven track record in delivering exceptional solutions for real-world applications.

Everything we produce is expertly designed to meet our clients’ needs. Our exacting standards, tried-and-tested production methods and flexible approach combine to result in truly unique systems that are changing the way we drive for the better.

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Forward Thinking.

Leading a new era for the automotive industry.

Our innovative technologies are disrupting a market that’s placing higher demands on manufacturers and exceeding customer expectations.

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