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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Working towards a more sustainable future for the global automotive industry

Our sector is at a critical point in its evolution – and our planet is at something of a crossroads, too.

It’s up to today’s leaders to shape the vehicles of tomorrow. It’s up to companies like us to innovate in much ‘greener’ ways, for the benefit of our future generations.

x4 Automotive is committed to leading by example. We’re championing more energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies and practices that enable us to save precious resources, generate less waste, and reduce the impact mobility has on our wider environment.

Smart Vehicle Solutions
Smart Automotive Solutions

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We’re creating better tech for cleaner living

In a matter of years, new vehicles powered entirely by petrol or diesel will be things of the past. In fact, the UK government has already brought forward its ban on such cars and vans, from 2035 to 2030.

This impending legislation is enough to inspire a shift to electric power from both practical and economic standpoints. For us, however, the desire to embrace alternative fuel stems more from a place of genuine concern for the viability of our industry and, of course, the effect our operations have from an environmental perspective.

By leveraging intelligent new technologies, sourcing sustainable materials wherever we can, and keeping ‘clean’ concepts front of mind, our teams are making it possible for clients and their customers to enjoy truly transformative driving experiences, without the eco guilt.


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