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Better innovations today for an enhanced drive tomorrow.

x4 Automotive is a world leader in the design and development of disruptive electrical systems and electronic modules for the automotive industry.

This technology is changing the way our OEMs approach comfort, safety, and wellness within their vehicle designs, not to mention addressing the architectural challenges that are growing more important to mobility on a global scale.

As a company, we move in line with what our sector needs, and what our clients demand. We keep a close eye on trends to ensure our technology is not only commercially viable, but also aligns with our industry’s longer-term goal: finding more effective and sustainable ways to improve the driver experience.

Sports Car

PROJECT Management

We will coordinate all projects from the initial concept phase through to RFQ and then to final nomination and PPAP submission.

Every project is managed using a gateway system, which allows full control of the engineering development costs and final production piece price. These gateways are aligned to our customers milestones to ensure our development is in line with our clients’ delivery schedules. We also have extensive experience with all major OEMs’ development methodologies.

System, Testing & Validation

Our team has the capability to either lead or support the electronic module integration within your vehicle’s architecture. We have extensive experience with communication buses – including CAN, LIN, MOST, Ethernet, Flex-ray & A2B – plus the expertise to optimise vehicle architectures to reduce vehicle weight and/or Electrical Distribution System (EDS) complexity. This complexity and weight reduction can be further enhanced by a fully harmonized Electronic and Electrical Distribution System (EEDS).

We can perform tests according to most design validation scopes, including environmental (for example, temperature cycling) and electrical (EMC).

Further experience is available for process validation scope confirmation and test performance. Annual layout scope support can be provided for manufacturing facilities.

Car Interior
Car Engine


By adopting traditional lean manufacturing practices, we have the capabilities to manufacture initial prototypes for our electronic automotive systems, including several pre-production stages up to full volume production. We can carry out all the required in-process tests to fulfill your quality requirements, and we can maintain full traceability during the manufacturing process, from the inspection of incoming raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods.

Our manufacturing solutions typically include:

  • Parts ordering and component inventory

  • Surface mount technology assembly (lead or lead free) to IPC-A-610 Class III

  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems

  • In circuit testing

  • Software flash tools

  • EEPROM configuration

  • Through hole components PCB Assembly to IPC-A-610 Class III

  • Selective soldering

  • Wave soldering

  • Robot soldering

  • Conformal coating to IPC-A-610 Class III

  • Selective robotic spray

  • Batch spraying

  • Dipping

  • Brushing

  • Final product assembly

  • End of line functional testing

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